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This is a new page intended to be a diary of recent activities.

March 2011 Visited relatives in Australia

March 4th 2011 Operated HF radio from hotel room using FT-817 & 20m ESSEQUE antenna; heard K4SS & ZL on 20m

March 5th 2011 VK2AN heard on 40m PSK31

March 6th 2011 EA5HPX, EB1IRJ, OK6FGG, OK1AG? and IK4GRO, Lauro. The latter station could just hear me but couldn't make out my details. Information relayedby VK3FT, Keith who was only a block away in Vermont.

March 7th No AR ops. - travelling

March 8th Arrived in Albury.Staying with Friends Ron& Cheryl. Set up radio station using a gum tree in the park next door to hold antenna up over the garden with operating position under cover on the verandah. Albury is Long. 146*-59'-40" E Lat. 36*-03'-10" or Maidenhead Locator QF33lw. Heard VK3 MRH, VK3VPR, VK3IDX & VK5VGC. Worked VK3XN, Ian in Macedon


January 2012 Updating website

February 2012 On the 3rd of Feb. I organized a construction competition. A relatively simple task ie. build an optoisolator from the components provided which were:


The task:

Your brief this year is to construct an Opto-isolator using only the components supplied. The circuit must be capable of lighting an isolated LED by triggering with a wet finger. As usual points will be awarded for economy & ingenuity of design. False triggering external light sources is to be avoided.The bits:

1 X BPX25 phototransistor
1 X NPN transistor ZTX690B ( any would do)
2 X LED, 1 yellow, 1 red ultra bright.
A selection of resistors 270R, 910R, 8K2, 680K
A selection of capacitors 100pF, 1nF, 4n7
PCB material 50 X 75 mm
Hook-up wire

A dual power supply will be available for test purposes.

February 2012 4th Not very good at keeping diaries am I?

March 2015 I'm now 66 years old! I went cycling with xyl ,Anna, in Cumbria. Day one cycled to Hadrians Wall, Banks Turret; 30 mile round trip. Day two another 30 mile round trip to Caldbeck to visit an old Rugby Footballing university friend.

April 2015 Visited son in Manchester, now he's visiting us in Coventry for Easter. Visit to my sister in Devon next on cards. Will prepare talk on DF antennas while away.

November 2015 Repaired 6m turnstile antenna. Experimenting with 6m repeaters for first time, as not much else on the band.

July 2019 Assembling TRx for OSCAR 100